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Saturday, September 17th, 2005

Time:5:51 pm.
Mood: crazy.

So im back, and dang..did i have fun!

It took like 3 hours to get there but the ride up there was just me, ash, and michelle cause they couldnt fit us in the van and oh my gosh it was HILLARIOUS. Theres this song about this person who got these little jingle bell thingies for christmas and the whole song is ab them and it was SO funny..Anyways..we got there..and as we were pullin up to the place..i was gettin freaked out cause we were driving on these dark dirt rocky roads and on both sides of us were corn fields..and ashley just happens to bring up the movie signs and starts makin alien noises..and i was like OMG ASHLEY! She freaked me out..then the lovely michelle starts talking about children of the corn, so again..i get freaked out..we all started talkin ab horror movies and im like freakin out in the back seat..so we finally got there and i grabbed my flashlight to get out and holy crap..it reminded me of the blair witch project cause there was one cabin and just woods all around it..so me and whittney were havin a heartattack..so we walk in the cabin and im like holy crap..if you've seen the ring..you know how in samara's room she slept on the top of the barn and it had a little room up there..well this cabin..had some stairs leading to the top with a little room lookin EXACTLY like samara's room..so whittney starts crying and im like oh my gosh i cant stay here..so anyways..we settled down and got over ourselves but man, we freaked our selves out..

so we ate..watched freaky friday and everyone had an airsoft war..i didnt do it cause i was a chicken so i stayed in and watched freaky friday with michelle and ashley but i did participate this morn..anyways..we all went to our little tents..and it was so scary sleepin in those jokers..but the stars and trees were absoloutly gorgeous..i was like wow..God made this! anyways, me, ash, and whitt talk for like 2 hours and laughin and we start tellin ghost stories and i freak everyone out with this one story..it was hillarious..so we finally go to sleep but we start hearin this noise..and it was this cat but it sounded like a coyote cause where we were there were coyotes and wolves and stuff<to top that off it was a full moon> so we just slept..seth and ben<who were the chaperone ppl, their like 22 and 23> kept watch outside for a couple hours..seth is in the army so i felt safe w/him around..

we woke up at like 6:30..everyone jumped up and loaded their guns and from 6:30 to like 12 we had wars..with the exception of eating breakfast..it was SO much fun.  I won this one war..like if u get shot once ur out..and i won..i shot all these people and was the last one standing..it was great! I was on seth and whittneys team and then i got switched to seth and ben..seth and ben were the two ones out there who had perfect aim and really good..i got shot a few times tho..i have a couple welps but its so worth it..i shot this kid on the side of his head..i felt so bad! but its his fault for not havin the proper eye gear on! anywho..so we got back to memphis around 2 today so yeppers!

pics to come!

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Thursday, September 15th, 2005

Time:2:10 pm.
Mood: hungry.

Its so sad how i never update on here anymore!

im totally addicted to xanga and myspace now..i love them!


 Im at home sick, its nice..but im doing homework that i couldnt do last night..lets see..i went to church and everything was a-ok then my mom picked me up and we had to take something to ashleys house and my mom like stinkin ran into the curb and made our car do some little off the ground spin then crash back down..so my mom broke her rim and got a flat..so my mom was freakin out cause it was already 8 and stuff..so we called our old neighbor to come get us so she got us then took us to my grandma's house then we got my grandma's car and went to get gas and drove home. We didnt get till about 10:30ish and i hadnt eaten, taken a shower, h/w or anything. Plus i didnt feel good enough to do homework..so my mom let me stay home today ONLY if i did my homework from last night and I have a project to work on today thats due tomorrow..Im not stressin it.

 We dont have to go to the football game this week--HALLELUJIAH!!!

Which MEANs!!!!.......I get to go on the camping trip this weekend!!!!!!! My youth group were going to camp out and were gonna have a airo soft war<with those pellet gun things> it hurts but its SO much fun and were gonna have a campfire and all that good stuff. Im really excited cause ive never been on a camping trip lol..last night church was really good..during praise and worship people really got into it..i was so happy..and the lesson was really good..Tim's been talking ab how our christian life is a race..and he went more in depth w/that last night. Good stuff

So i just checked my grades online and I thought I'd share them with you..

English: 82

Geometry: 80

Chemistry:hm..65..bad i know..its just hard

U.S. History: 87

Spanish 2: 93(my only decent grade)

Band: 100

so yeah..my grades suck right now..i REALLY gotta get them up..especially chemistry..yikes

Well, its off to go lay down and do work!  and take some medicine because ive been bugged to DEATH by mr. seth to take medicine..he could be like..my stay at home nurse..haha!

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Friday, August 19th, 2005

Time:6:27 pm.
Mood: drained.
.smoked a cigarette

2.smoked a cigar

3.made out with a member of the same sex

4.crashed a friend's car

5.stolen a car

6.been in love

7.been rejected

yes when i was lil

9.been fired

10.been in a fist fight

11.snuck out of your house

12.had feelings for someone who didn’t have them back

13.been arrested

14.made out with a stranger

15.gone on a blind date

16.lied to a friend

17.had a crush on a teacher

18.skipped school

19.slept with a co-worker

20.seen someone die

21.been on a plane

22.thrown up in a bar

23.taken painkillers

24.love someone or miss someone right now

25.laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by

26.made a snow angel

27.played dress up

28.cheated while playing a game

29.been lonely

30.fallen asleep at work/school

31.used a fake id

32.felt an earthquake

33.touched a snake

34.ran a red light

35.been suspended from school

36.had detention

37.been in a car accident

38.hated the way you look

39.witnessed a crime

40.pole danced
no..maybe jokeingly

41.been lost

42.been to the opposite side of the country

43.felt like dying

44.cried yourself to sleep

45.played cops and robbers

46.sang karaoke

47.done something you told yourself you wouldn't

48.laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose

49.caught a snowflake on your tongue

50.kissed in the rain

51.sing in the shower

52.made love in a park

53.had a dream that you married someone

54. glued your hand to something
yes..my other hand

55. got your tongue stuck to a flag pole

56. told someone you love them

57.been a cheerleader

58. sat on a roof top

59. didn't take a shower for a week

60.ever too scared to watch scary movies alone

61.played chicken

62.been pushed into a pool with all your clothes

63.been told you're hot by a complete stranger

64.broken a bone

65.been easily amused

66.laugh so hard you cry

67.mooned/flashed someone

68.cheated on a test

69.forgotten someone's name

70.slept naked

71.gone skinny dipping in a pool

72.been kicked out of your house

73.blacked out from drinking

74.played a prank on someone

75.gone to a late night movie

76.made love to anything not human

77.failed a class

78.choaked on something you're not supposed to eat

79.played an instrument for more than 10 hours

80.cheated on a gf/bf

81.ate a whole package of oreos

82.thrown strange objects

83.felt like killing someone

84.thought about running away

85.ran away

86.did drugs

87.had detention and not attend it

88.yelled at parents

89.made parent cry

90.cried over someone

91.owned more than 5 sharpies

92.dated more than 1 person at once

93.have a dog

94.have a cat

95.own an instrument

96.been in a band

97.had more than 25 sodas in one day

98.broken a cd

99.shot a gun

100.been on myspace for more than 5 hours

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Wednesday, August 17th, 2005

Time:3:47 pm.
Instructions: Think of 20 names (write them down) and then answer the
questions. It's really fun y'all!

1 ashley
2 whittney
3 alie
4 vanessa
5 meredith
6 nik
7 hailey
8 ashleyd
9 kristen
10 sarah
11 tim
12 rachel
13 kim
14 amy
15 brit
16 megan
17 ali
18 sunshine
19 cynthia
20 tj

How did you meet number 13? going to super summer
What would you do if you had never met number 5? hm..not sure, cause mere is frickin awesome and im really blessed w/her in my life
What do you honestly think of number 10? i think shes an awesome person yo
Would or did number 19 and 8 go out? no..both girls..so..um no
Have you ever liked number 3? shes one of my bestest friends!
If number 1 died tomorrow what is one thing u would need them to know? that she is my best friend and i love her so much and i dunno what i'd do without her in my life
Would number 2 and 11 make a good couple? um no..not a youth pastor and his youth
Who is number 6 going out with? ME!!!!!
Describe number 7 in three words: honest, loving, godly
Do you think number 12 is hot? no..lol
Would 1 and 17 make a lovely couple? no..again..both girls 
What do you want to do when you see number 8? laugh
Tell me something humiliating about number 11. he um..i dunno..hes my youth pastor..haha
Do you know any of number 6's family members? yes..his 6 brothers and sisters, dad, mom, and stepdad
What is number 20's favorite color? blue
On a scale of 1-10 how cute is number 14? shes a girl, and i think shes pretty!
What would you do if number 4 just professed their undying love for you? um..thatd be..strange..and id be weirded out
What languages does number 19 speak? english
Who is number 8 going out with? dell

Is 9 a boy or a girl?  kristen
Would 18 and 4 make a good couple? no cause their best friends! and married..well shine is! lol
What grade is 17 in? 11th
When was the last time you talked to 12? today at school
What is 6's favorite band? icp?
Does 1 have any siblings? yeah 2 brothers
Would you ever date 14? nope
Would you ever date 7? no..girl..and my cousin. gosh!
Is 15 single? yep
What's 20's last name? brown
What's 18's middle name? dale
What school does 16 go to? visible school
Where does 9 live? olive branch
What's 3's fantasy? to eat russian fish
How did you meet 5? super summer yo, she was my mommy
Are 5 & 6 best friends? no..but..they know "of" each other

Would 14 and 19 make a good couple? no..both girls..and cyn is married
Is 12 older than you? yes
Have you ever gotten into an argument wtih 16? never
Does 7 love 20? dont know each other
Would you makeout with 4? nope. gross.
Is 13 the hottest person alive? no..its a girl..and nik is the hottest person alive
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Tuesday, August 16th, 2005

Time:7:49 pm.

Nik and I..

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Monday, August 1st, 2005

Time:7:11 pm.

Hm, havent updated in a few

Im sitting here eating these disgusting "crunchy dill pringles" their gross and i keep eating them..get that! Hm, so I dont remember the last time i updated..ok it was thursday, anyways..Friday night I babysat which was ok i guess, made 25 bucks..shoulda been 35. Oh well. Got up saturday and had a meeting with Megan, it was good as usual. We talked about James chapter 3 and 4 and then talked about the book Passion and Purity that were both reading together. It was just swell!

I was suppose to go to church with Ali saturday night but GUESS WHAT? My parents are JERKS and wouldnt take me and dont trust ali's driving. I was like WHAT THE HECK! Thats SO gay! I cant even drive with my friends who drive! AHH! I think im gonna go nuts if it continues like that. I really wanted to go to, to see Ali and Megan and stuff. Dangit.

So good ole Sunday rolled around..got up early this morn and went to church with Nik at Bellevue..wow..HUGE church..LOTS and LOTS of people..GREAT music..GREAT sermon. I enjoyed it. I met Nik's friend Mike, he seems cool I guess. So then Nik, Mike, and I and Nik's mom and brothers and sisters we all went to lunch at some italian restraunt called Teline's. It was quite good! Then we went back to Nik's house and Nik and I just spent time together and boy, it was the bomb. I love that boy. Then Nik's mom dropped me off @ the church at 5. Soooo went to youth, it was good..which is unusual..and then went home early because ETHAN was coming over and we had to BABYSIT! like YAY! It was so cool, ethan and i took a nap together and he fell asleep in my arms..AWW. I love that kid, I think hes my new best friend yo, foreal.

So brendon and tika came to pick him up bc they went out to dinner. They smelled of smoke and alcohol..im just wondering when in the heck are they gonna get their lives together and quit all that immature crap and just be ADULTS! Gah, im more of an adult then my own brother and my brother is 24 years old..pathedic, if you ask me.

Anyways, im not feeling too great We are so out of tylenol. How in the crap can u be out of tylenol or any pain reliever. My head is pounding and im having growing pains in my legs again. Ouchies

I have one week of summer left..totally SUCKS..but then again im kinda looking forward to school because i wanna make good grades this year, no more band, i get to see my friends, and each day i go to school is one day closer to graduating and getting OUT of school. And this year will be exciting, i'll be getting my class ring, probably goin to the junior prom, and all that good stuff. So im really excited about school starting. Ha. Funny i say that cause two months into school i'll be complaining about how I hate it. Just to warn you ;)

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

Time:2:50 pm.
Mood: sore.

Yesterday was just freaking awesome dude! So I got up around 6 cause we had to be at the church at 7:30 so we got to the church and stuff and waited for everybody to get there..we had 23 people go and for our youth group thats a LOT of people to go on a trip..anyways..we loaded up and headed to pickwick. We took the lil church bus so i ended up squeezed b/t ashley and nik..haha..nik being 4 times bigger then me and ashley being the same size as me..lets just say it was an interesting trip up there..and it was..ashley, mrs regina, and i shelled peas, shelled lima beans, and some other veggies for about 2 hours and then we got mrs regina's medical stuff out and we were takin our blood pressure and listening to our hearts..haha..

Anyways, we finally got there..loaded up..and got on the boat!! Took us about 30 min to get to where we were gonna start tubing..and we watched a couple people tube and then ashley and I were brave enough to do it..oh my gosh..it was so flippin scary..u had to put ur thumb up to tell mr paul faster or slower..and oh my gosh..he was going so fast!! But, i was the only girl who didnt flip off the tube, i actually stayed on...but tubing was just awesome

So everybody tubed and then we went to try to find the waterfall to swim and eat lunch..my youth pastor being the captain he is..got us lost..haha..we were trying to find this dang waterfall for almost an hour in a half..finally, we found it. This lake is just gigantic..anyways..it was so pretty!! So Corrie and I headed out to the waterfall when everyone else was coming back from it to eat and we swam out there and the water was so cold out there! It was too cool though. A lot of people jumped off of it and it was just dang awesome!

Everybody got done eatin and then we headed back out..we swam around until it was our turn to ski and it was finally my turn and Tim said we had to head back..i was pooped that I didnt get to try and ski but oh well..i got to tube and stuff! So ashley, whittney, wesley, and I rode back in the speed boat..it was frickin awesome. he was going really, really fast and we were bouncin everywhere! we beat the pontoon boats back by like 30 minutes..haha!

Well we changed and stuff and then loaded the bus, then stopped by the gas station and bought drinks and stuff then loaded back up for the way home. Nik and i had so much fun, im really glad he did. It was great spending so much time with him, especially on the car ride back ;)

I got totally burnt though..and my arms are extremley sore but oh well, it was SO worth it..

Here are some lovely pics to show you what my day was like..

Me in the boat about to tube..

Corrie and I swimming towards the waterfall..

Ashley and I..

Nik's back..

Ash and I swimming..

Ashley being wiped out by the ski's..

Sailor Ashley..

Me tubing..

Tim chuckling..

Uh huh..

Captain Seth..

Corrie in the bus..


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Sunday, July 24th, 2005

Time:12:41 pm.

So the last couple days have been pretty busy, Hm, i dont even remember half of what i was about to write about, haha..um church Wed. was pretty good..the lesson was about believing the bible and stuff and Tim used an analogy using Fantastic 4..of course half the youth group has seen that movie and I havent seen it so you could say I was kinda confused but, I got the jist of the message and what he was trying to get out.

So yep, didnt do anything Thursday but Friday I chilled until it was time to babysit so I went to Shannons house around 4ish and had Maia and Zack, and I actually had fun with Zack cause we read these bible magazine things together and were asking each other questions and stuff, and we all 3 played outside for awhile, it was fun. Their parents didnt get home till like 1:45ish so I got home around 2:20..dang i was exhausted so i went right to sleep

Saturday morn I was suppose to have a discipleship thing with Megan but shes going to Nashville so we had to reschedule for next Saturday..So i watched movies and was lazy and then I went to Merediths house! It was a lot of fun, we swam and stuff and then went to sonic and got some good ole icecream. It was great hanging out with her last night..shes the coolest older person ive ever met ;)

Im about to lay outside and catch some sun, I am in need of some sun..haha. Tomorrow im going water skiing/tubing/boating. Dang im nervous, im gonna break something..ha. Nik gets to go with us, so im extremley excited about that. Im so happy that hes going! I havent seen him in like a week, it sucks going that long w/out seein him. So yeah, were leavin for pickwick at 7:30 tomorrow morn..FUN! Its gonna be loads of fun!

Well heres a lovely picture of Meredith and I from last night.......

have a great weekend


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Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Time:8:40 pm.
Mood: cranky.
Dang, i seriously hate living out in the middle of no-where. I am SO far away from my church and all my friends and it sucks major crap. Its been almost a year that ive lived in this house and I hate it..i wish I never moved..i wish i still lived in east memphis where all my friends are and where my boyfriend is and where my church is and where everything i grew up with it. dangit. i dont have a flipping car so its not like i can drive anywhere i please, if i could gosh that would freakin rock. but i had to screw up my grades last year so i never could get my permit and i didnt do good on my last report card so my dad wouldnt let me take drivers ed this summer. now that just sucks.

I have a tendancy to get jealous extremley easy. Over good things, stupid things, retarded things. Its just the way I am...want an example of a stupid thing? This girl Whittney who i absoloutly can not stand right now is spending the night with my friend Ashley tonight. I look at that situation and i get jealous cause ashley is my best friend and i never do diddly crap w/her since im stuck out here. it would be nice to hang out every once in a while with her besides seein her at church, wouldnt you think? yeah.

I am seriously sick of my church. I hardly EVER talk to my youth pastor or his wife anymore..the most i say to them are "hey" on wed nights and sundays. There is incredibly too much drama at my church but then again theres drama at every church. Rumors and gossip is a HUGE thing at my church and frankly im so sick of it. We have a situation going on right now where a friend of mine, sarah, doesnt go there anymore because of a bunch of b/s that happened. Some people at church thimk she made some stuff up and me on the otherhand believe her all the way which sticks me right in the middle of it. Meaning if i talk to sarah or hang w/her two other people will get extremley pissed at me. and honestly, i dont care if they get mad at me or not cause i am entitled to my own opinion and i can think what i want and i know that sarah is not lying about anything. now THATS drama

Im tired of "fake" people so to speak..people who at church answer all the questions, act holier then thou then go home and act totally the flip side of that. its extremley annoying, i do pray for these people but gah its flippin hard. its hard not to get sucked into what their doing, its hard not to be influenced by it, and its hard to pray for them when their really really annoying you

Im sittin here complaining away and i dont care..i dont complain much but ive had it, seriously

Right now my relationship with God is just crap. I came home from camp SO on fire for God and now im back where i've started and that makes me feel AWFUL. I feel like such a screw up. And i am..Ive let myself, friends, and most importantly God down. I wanted to keep that fire going..instead that fire has gone out and its just a bunch of ashes now. Dont get me wrong, I still love God and want to glorify him..but if only i could get rid of my selfishness, my attitude, and laziness. I admit..i have a bad attitude, i am selfish, and im lazy. No one has to tell me that because I know and im not afraid to admit my faults. I just need help in getting rid of those things cause I surely cant do it alone

I need to go freewrite..something brit told me about..getting a piece of paper and writing down all my thoughts and any words and just scribble and then just tear the paper up and throw it away..sounds good to me right now.
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Monday, July 11th, 2005

Time:11:38 pm.
Mood: creative.


thats just for u noelle..kinda blurry but..theres seth!

i think i permamently have his sweat smell in my nose

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Friday, July 8th, 2005

Time:9:32 pm.
Boy, its been crazy the past couple days. Hm...so i dont even remember what day today is..im so like..exhausted. Well hmm..so yesterday
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Boy, its been crazy the past couple days. Hm...so i dont even remember what day today is..im so like..exhausted. Well hmm..so yesterday<friday. no thursday> ok typing that for my own purposes lol..I was suppose to babysit yesterday but the sitter called and said she had to cancel so that sorta blew my day so i got ready really fast after dogsitting and danielle came and picked me up went to micky d's and then to the church. So i worked on VBS stuff the rest of the night..from about 4 to 7..so I was gonna go home but I decided just to spend the night w/Mrs Kati since id be going to her house anyways so..we ate dinner and then i stayed up till about 1 and man..i didnt get an hour of sleep. they keep their house so dang hot. And if u know me..you know i can not sleep when im hot. So i tossed and turned sweating all night.. So i finally got up around 9 and Kati took ryan to swim lessons so i took a shower n stuff and then we went to pick some people up and went to the church and did vbs for another 8 hours. AHHHH!

BUT..Nik came by and my afternoon was better..we worked but hung out at the same time. I love him. Hes my everything. I get to see him again tomorrow. SCORE!


im stinkin POOPED!! Let me tell you a funny story though...

I know this girl named Noelle..and I heard her speak at this confrence about 3 years ago..well..i never met her at that confrence but i talked to her online nad contacted her through her website about purity and stuff so anyways..we've been talking online for 3 years now and have tried to meet a couple times well..yesterday at the church..this guy seth who goes to my church who is like my big bro well he introduced me to his girlfriend and hes like "this is noelle" and she looked familiar so i was like "wait, whats your last name" and she told me and i was like "oh my gosh, your the girl who ive been talking to online for so long" and it was..i was like wow its so good to finally meet you. It was crazy. shes awesome though and im glad seth is with her. She deserves a great guy like Seth

Well im exhausted so im gonna hit the sack yo
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Time:9:22 pm.
all thats on my mind is...

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Sunday, June 19th, 2005

Time:11:54 pm.
Mood: happy.
so nik and i are together

hes great

when i talk to him everything is perfect
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Saturday, June 18th, 2005

Time:3:38 am.
Mood: tired.
ok, so nothing going on

sitting here at almost 4 in the morning typing on here. im such a retard. i should be sleeping. but i dont feel like it. i have too much on my mind to be sleeping. i dont deserve sleep lol

i have to get up at 8..so i'll get maybe 2 hours of sleep tonight..it'll be lovley. maybe i can make an all nighter. we'll see. nothing else better to do..

danielle wrote an awesome poem tonight. it was great. shes moving down here..shes leaving sunday. yeah buddy. and she'll be living 7 minutes away from me. fun times. im excited

my butt is like numb from sitting on it for so long..i got grounded today for having an attitude and not thanking my grandma for her bday gift. i was gonna do it. just kept forgetting. gosh.

and great, my cell phone just died!! and i was listening to alie sleep!! MAN! now all my entertainment is gone..atleast i still have danielle to talk to online

ahh life is so confusing

i like nik, hes really cute and sweet..i wanna be with him


i need sleep, im so delirious

heres a poem


Friends are a gift from above. There always there to help you soar like a dove. They are there to pick you up, when you've suddenly dropped . They are there for you for you to be stopped. They are a definite blessing from God above. They were sent to you for them to love. They are so nice in their own way. I hope they always stay. Maybe one day i'll be sitting with one of them talking about our lives when were old as the earth. Its like a whole knew birth. Missing your friends hurts deeply. It hurts so steeply its so hard. Too hard, for my heart. My friends haev topped the chart. The ones you care for so much, you can always feel their touch. I hope my friends never fade away, i know they wont cause i'll see them one day.

just found it on my website..ahh fun

well im out
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Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

Time:4:20 pm.
Venting time..

I am SO sick of living out in in the middle of freakin nowhere. Seriously. I hate it with a deep passion. Im sick of having people having to always come and get me. Thats partially my fault. If i would have wised up in school i could have gotton my permit a long freakin time ago and could have had my license by now but no. Im a total retard at school and I didnt take things seriously. Every wed. its a huge battle trying to get to church. Getting there is so, so hard. I live 25 minutes away and both of my parents work which creates a huge problem. I am not going to switch churches because Im already at where God wants me right now. The easy thing to do would be switching churches and go to the church that i live 2 minutes from but I dont want to. Im going to work for what I want and I want to be at cherry road.

My dad works till 5:30 and my mom never comes home right after work. I sit here day after day by myself for 11 hours straight. How boring. I cant go anywhere, no car. Cant hang out with anyone..none of my friends live out here. So I can never do diddly freakin squat. I want a car so bad. I want my permit so bad, I just wish someone would take me. I am not going to be able to drive for another year. It seems like eternity. I am just sick of living in hickville. Hate it, Hate it, Hate it!!!
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Monday, June 6th, 2005

Time:8:26 pm.
Mood: sad.
so i have nothing much to say really..

i have such a boring life

im out
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Friday, June 3rd, 2005

Time:10:56 pm.
Mood: awake.

pics from my surprise 16th bday party!!


clickie for pics!Collapse )

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Monday, May 30th, 2005

Time:9:09 pm.

Hey ya'll.  Well today has been very eventful..*not.  Well..I got up this morning and got ready for church. I went to Raleigh this morning cause I had to give Ashley her permission slip for Super Summer..It was exciting because I got to see everyone I never get to.  I saw Zach too, man I love him to death. He even sat w/ashley and I during the service.  And I saw Shine, she didnt look very excited. Well, neither was I but still. It was nice seeing her.  Everyone is always so shocked to see me, it makes me feel loved!! So yeah church was good..then I came home, baked a cake, and took a 3hr nap. It was flippin sweet. Then I woke up got ready for church and went to church.

Now im home and I just got done eating burgerking for dinner. It was yummy dude.  Man..Im so happy..I get to see Mrs. Kati every tuesday during the summer.  I see her every sunday and wed but Its gonna be great.  She has a bible study every tuestday from 10 to 12 in the morn so Im gonna go over her house about 9 every tuesday, watch the boys while shes in the bible study, then go back to her house and just spend some time w/her. I'm seriously blessed so much w/her in my life. She is a true woman of God.  Its awesomeness

So im terribly bored out of my mind..I have to babysit tomorrow at 11 then I might go to Lucy's. Yay!! Im still mad that she didnt sit w/me this morning ;). 

So Brit's off to Alaska! =( I hope she has a safe trip there!

So I want a mustang..yeah..I might as well keep dreaming..it sucks

Well..thats all i guess..im a boring person I know. Night!

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Saturday, May 28th, 2005

Time:8:22 pm.
alie, the names bruce
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Time:2:09 pm.

Duddee i havent updated in forever lol!!


i'll update more later! love yall!

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