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I love walkin in the rain....

cause then no one knows im cryin

9 June
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Hey! Im Amber and im 16!!! Im just about the craziest chick you'll ever meet!!! I love Jesus Christ with all my heart cause he is my all in all, my refuge, my strength, my Lord, my Abba(father), my EVERYTHING...I am in 11th grade and i go to BOLTON HIGH SCHOOL, YAY GO WILDCATS!!!!!!!!!!!! and I play flute in the band at my highschool. Its cool, but gets frustrating sometimes!!
I go to Cherry Road Baptist Church, its the best church in the WORLD. It is practically my family =). I love it there, the people there are so wonderful. Our youth pastor Tim is so amazing too, he is awesome and were so blessed to have him!!
I love writing poetry, going horseback riding, swimming, playing softball(o yea my sport babe), i like basketball, volleyball, hang out with my wonderul friends, watchin tv and stuff like that! Just a typical 15 year old!! If ya wanna know, just ask!!

Keep the faith*

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